Homework Recovery Program

  • When students do not complete or do not turn in homework assignments, they will have the responsibility of calling their parents and letting them know. Students will call their parent after each missing assignment.

  • After three missing homework assignments, teachers will make a follow up call to parents advising that the student will have a full day of in-school suspension and that discipline points will began to accumulate.
The accumulation of discipline points will occur in this manner: After the fourth missing assignment the student will be assessed 5 discipline points. After the fifth incident, 10 additional points will be assessed, and after the sixth incident, 15 additional points. A student can accumulate up to 30 discipline points in a nine week session.

  • After the fourth missing assignment, parents will be advised of our afterschool tutoring program. The purpose of afterschool tutoring is to assist students who may need additional time and help on topics or concepts they did not grasp during class time.

  • After the sixth incident, a parent /teacher conference will be scheduled for the purpose of constructing an academic plan for the student. Persistently missing homework assignments is a major discipline concern and could result in the initiation of our Intensive Academic Recovery and the possibility of three days deferment to New Directions Academy.

\Again, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us.Homework Recovery